Extreme Programming & Product Design

I’ve never been involved with projects that are not short of something. Time, money, patience, wisdom something.. or everything, is always short.

The the thing that’s always short is – plan.

And designing products while business is being rolled out is the most significant challenge I’ve faced.¬†Product design requires thoughfulness, business rollout requires relentless execution. And, over a period I’ve come to acquire a few ideas in product design from extreme programming.

XP attempts to reduce the cost of changes in requirements by having multiple short development cycles, rather than a long one. In this doctrine, changes are a natural, inescapable and desirable aspect of software-development projects, and should be planned for, instead of attempting to define a stable set of requirements.

Same principle applies creates Extreme Product Design. End goals are fixed, but you’ve to reach there while meeting the market. A good product designs gives up more than it takes, but giving up while taking on clutter during business execution requires a methodical focus and product planning processes in place.

Kaushal Trivedi

Author: Kaushal Trivedi

Pre-MBA -Programmer/Systems Analyst. Post MBA Equity Research, Infrastructure Advisory, Credit Risk Modeling etc. Then Options Trader. Developing Quant Trading Models. Developed Automated Trading Systems. Then Product Business. Then Product Design. Still subtracting the obvious, still adding the meaningful.

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