Vendor Hat vs Product Manager Hat

ProductDesign Hat

My business often requires me to think on behalf of my clients. The germ of idea they’ve come up with, is often just that. A germ. It needs growing into an organism that will work, compete, grow and win. And there’s always capital constraint to build the ProductV1.0 of the idea. How do you define the right V1.0.

Many times you’re able to see a V1.0 that’s far larger than what the client thinks would suffice. If you accept client’s version, what sort of product designer are you – cause you’re not really thinking.

And, V1.0 is always in absence of proof from the market. It’s an hypothesis. If the client team is good enough to execute it correctly, then more information on product market fit will emerge during business operations. That will go into redefining the product. And that’s Product V2.0.┬áProdio has to continue to wear the product manager hat and track the product-market fit data and define ProductV2.0 on client’s behalf and execute this.

The vendor hat, on the contrary is quite limiting. Even if I believe your idea of V1.0 is grossly shallow and won’t take off, its none of my business. You loose your shirt, I gain some and the idea is forgotten. Almost every client we have has come to us after being hit by a vendor hat.


Author: Kaushal Trivedi

Pre-MBA -Programmer/Systems Analyst. Post MBA Equity Research, Infrastructure Advisory, Credit Risk Modeling etc. Then Options Trader. Developing Quant Trading Models. Developed Automated Trading Systems. Then Product Business. Then Product Design. Still subtracting the obvious, still adding the meaningful.

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