Prodio Goes FastLane

Every product development needs to be kept on track for effortless delivery of functional value to clients in every defined time frame. For Prodio that time frame is a week. Every week we must move a product forward through a pre-defined set of functional features.

Since, testing if your team delivered functional features cannot be left for last day, we have daily handouts to each team members. These items are delivered by the team in their respective Gerritt branches everyday evening and code merged. This merged code has to be made available to Product Team to test on the subsequent day. This establishes a rapid feedback loop to the programmer.

This would mean everyday programmers need to waste time in creating and sharing APKs. This would also mean product team hassling programmers for APKs for next days testing. We decided to simplify this where programmer’s job ends at his Gerrit commit. The Scrum Master will merge code onto testing if it is worthy of testing and FastLane will deliver the APK onto closed alpha testing group on which client is also present apart from product team.

Now Product team get their testing APKs everyday evening. Nobody waits for anybody.

There’s work and it can not be lessened. What can surely be reduced is the uncertainty and waiting around by defining clear actionables to the team connected through a set of well chosen tools. They act as bots taking one team member’s delivery and passing to other, automating mundane tasks. Cutting the crap, in short.