App of Dreams – But Why Won’t They Come?


Have you seen a salesman who has to unsell? That’s a thing I end up doing most often in my new job.

I run a product design company and work to create very few products in a year. My clients tend to have corporate backgrounds (not IIT freshers).¬†They’ve usually quit their jobs and want to build a digital lead business around a genuine insight. I’m happy to meet them till here.

It’s the elementary problem they’ve not considered. How will you drag the user on the app/website?

A lot of argument goes for them to unlearn the corporatese and realise that digitally onboarding a customer is a series of well linked hypothesis about the user and his psychology. Each hypothesis has a corresponding feature in the product and a corresponding marketing hook to get him inside the app. And all these finally hook the user to the app’s core value proposition. Each of these hypothesis further requires certain minimums in place, untill one final smallest logical unit of offering that needs to get out of the door is defined. Now the budgets are no longer ‘just for an app’. And not just budgets, the human energy, commitment and odds are now at another level. This is when the smart one’s will backoff. The ‘impossible is nothing’ crowd gambles on.

I’m happy to say in 2016, I convinced 3 people to not start a startup. That’s a lot of future unhappiness for a lot of people. Believe me, I know.

Author: Kaushal Trivedi

Pre-MBA -Programmer/Systems Analyst. Post MBA Equity Research, Infrastructure Advisory, Credit Risk Modeling etc. Then Options Trader. Developing Quant Trading Models. Developed Automated Trading Systems. Then Product Business. Then Product Design. Still subtracting the obvious, still adding the meaningful.

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