Developed & Designed On-Demand Delivery App PROMPTO

While developing  Prompto, we tried to provide all information in one single screen. It is an android app and web based tool where user need to select parcel type, as it work with any type of parcel with maximum weight of 15kg. Select the pick-up & destination address which will give estimated time, distance, price and real-time connection between pick-up point & Destination on Google-Map for confirmation.

Drivers get real time notifications, indicating new job has been arrived. Once the job is accepted by the driver, he’ll keep updating his status of completing the job like accepted, started, reached, picked up and delivered.

Users can track the real time position of parcel moving to destination and can also provide feedback, helping rider to improve Prompto experience.

All the riders are also screened through all the necessary government process including criminal background checks. The riders are reviewed throughout their time while in Prompto.

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