Dental News Aggregator Platform, SWYP

SWYP is a community that lives and breathes within a mobile app and desktop website. It aggregates the latest in dental healthcare industry news and delivers in beautiful format that helps healthcare professionals stay on top on the latest in their space, create custom magazines which can be shared with other professionals or can be followed.

User can earn points and gain status when you download the app, ask/answer a question on the forum, share content on social media, like an article and invite colleagues. When a user joins SWYP, he/she needs to pickĀ  the categories of most interest to them. They are Practice Management, Cosmetic Dentistry, Digital Dentistry (CAD/CAM), Internet & Practice Marketing, Inspiration/Motivation, Entrepreneurs, Technology in Dentistry.

User can easily add categories from 50+ choices, and must select a minimum of 10 total categories to get started.

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