Now Redefine Your HR Management Processes With NEOHRM

NEO HRM is a platform that brings together employees, HR teams and the Management for better interaction towards achieving a shared vision. It offers fully integrated modules to cover all areas of HR Management from various domains.  The features offers by the platform includes Timesheet Management, Leaves and Attendance Management, Recruitment, Employee Recognition and Engagement.

  • Time Sheet Management – User can prepare their timesheets without a calculator and keep record of all the work completed . Organizations can have total visibility of their workforce, their activities, and their efficiency.
  • Leaves and Attendance Management – The platform facilitates HR professionals in managing their employee pools effectively, due to the elimination of manual updating of attendance data and leave records. It also enables resolving complexities pertaining to varied employee queries, such as leave adjustments and leave balance, for both HR and employees in an automated manner.
  • Recruitment – It simplifies the tedious recruitment and on-boarding function by automating the candidate selection process and building a pipeline of qualified prospective candidates.
  • Employee Recognition and Engagement – Employee recognition is directly tied to employee engagement. An employee can accumulate recognition points that he./she can apply toward merchandise, gift cards, and even trips. Employees can recognize others’ contributions in real time.
  • Rewards – Employees receive reward points for all the acknowledgments they have received. These reward points can be redeemed into vouchers.