Prodio 2020

Bhojeshwara Shivalaya – if it had been completed , had a scope of ambition that would have made the grandest temple of Bharat look small. Ambition is life.

Its been a little over 3 years since we started. We’re at a point where ambition doesn’t defy logic.

I’ve been involved in various initiatives and a grand theme has started forming in my mind.

As a profitable SaaS portfolio strategy we are essentially moving towards turning into an incubator- because while we have ideas and execution , every product needs founders to run. So while we rummage through our store of internet wisdom acquired over time and new windows of opportunities emerging in the world to pick something to do- we need founders to carry those ideas to conclusion.

Some of the social ventures I’m promoting are part of this incubator – essentially only differing in the funding source. While the for-profit incubatees aim towards commercialisation, the for-societys-profit incubatees will move towards demonstrated success that leads to their crowd funding.

Hence Crowd Funding is our first product. There are so many around but our reason for building one of our own are very complicated, but real.

Thus un-named product is under conceptualisation stage right now.


Kaushal Trivedi

Author: Kaushal Trivedi

Pre-MBA -Programmer/Systems Analyst. Post MBA Equity Research, Infrastructure Advisory, Credit Risk Modeling etc. Then Options Trader. Developing Quant Trading Models. Developed Automated Trading Systems. Then Product Business. Then Product Design. Still subtracting the obvious, still adding the meaningful.

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