Now Redefine Your HR Management Processes With NEOHRM

NEO HRM is a platform that brings together employees, HR teams and the Management for better interaction towards achieving a shared vision. It offers fully integrated modules to cover all areas of HR Management from various domains.  The features offers by the platform includes Timesheet Management, Leaves and Attendance Management, Recruitment, Employee Recognition and Engagement.

  • Time Sheet Management – User can prepare their timesheets without a calculator and keep record of all the work completed . Organizations can have total visibility of their workforce, their activities, and their efficiency.
  • Leaves and Attendance Management – The platform facilitates HR professionals in managing their employee pools effectively, due to the elimination of manual updating of attendance data and leave records. It also enables resolving complexities pertaining to varied employee queries, such as leave adjustments and leave balance, for both HR and employees in an automated manner.
  • Recruitment – It simplifies the tedious recruitment and on-boarding function by automating the candidate selection process and building a pipeline of qualified prospective candidates.
  • Employee Recognition and Engagement – Employee recognition is directly tied to employee engagement. An employee can accumulate recognition points that he./she can apply toward merchandise, gift cards, and even trips. Employees can recognize others’ contributions in real time.
  • Rewards – Employees receive reward points for all the acknowledgments they have received. These reward points can be redeemed into vouchers.

Now Generate Your CE Certificates Instantly With CEZoom App

CE Zoom tracks, store, and remind you of your continuing education requirements. It allows participants to find courses, register for a course, verify course completion, complete required course testing and evaluation, digital CE Certificate distribution including cloud base storing, and submit proof of attendance directly to the regulatory body.

The app notifies user about current state requirements and regulations, as well as all requirement deadlines and upcoming events.

It also allows user to search for courses by conference, or individually, and added to the clinician’s history. Once the attendee has completed the CE course, they will receive a code to validate the course. The detailed course information is stored under the patient’s personal account, which allows the clinician to have access to any resources the presenter shared during the course.

Find Dental Doctors and Clinics Seamlessly, Using Kinekt App

At Prodio, we developed a dental specific doctor search platform “Kinekt”. On the client side, it offers  a search platform for the patients to search for doctors nearby, while on the other hand it makes doctors job easy by managing appointments, patients details, updating patients record.

User/Patient can book appointment, check for consultation fees, pictures of clinic and reminder of appoiintments, feedback from people who have already been there. Doctors can publicise themselves with the help of photos, review and ratings given by their patients and can share or upload selfie with patients, reviews on social sites.

The app also keeps proper medical records of patients, which makes doctor’s job easier.

Dental News Aggregator Platform, SWYP

SWYP is a community that lives and breathes within a mobile app and desktop website. It aggregates the latest in dental healthcare industry news and delivers in beautiful format that helps healthcare professionals stay on top on the latest in their space, create custom magazines which can be shared with other professionals or can be followed.

User can earn points and gain status when you download the app, ask/answer a question on the forum, share content on social media, like an article and invite colleagues. When a user joins SWYP, he/she needs to pick  the categories of most interest to them. They are Practice Management, Cosmetic Dentistry, Digital Dentistry (CAD/CAM), Internet & Practice Marketing, Inspiration/Motivation, Entrepreneurs, Technology in Dentistry.

User can easily add categories from 50+ choices, and must select a minimum of 10 total categories to get started.

Verify People Instantly, With VerifyMe App

VerifyMe is an identity & reputation management platform providing verification, and access management services to individuals and organizations, impacting decisions relating to transactions, employment, access & security.

With the help of Facial Recognition and Aadhaar, it helps user to find the KNOWN in the UNKNOWN. It conducts real time identity verification checks, letting you know that the person you are engaging with is indeed who he says he is. Their network of accredited verification partners carry out deeper background checks.

Apart from Aadhaar linked services, it has social network, allowing users to crowdsource references, recommendations, reviews and testimonials about other people.

The idea behind building this app, is to provide individuals & organizations with a trusted platform where they can have requisite tools to screen another identity at various levels including ID check, community references and deeper background verification checks.

Click Selfies & Get Rewarded, Using JustOutdoor (JO)

At Prodio, we have developed and designed JustOutdoor (JO) an app allowing users to earn discount coupons, gift cards and digital cash.

JO is an OOH Media company offering diverse portfolio that includes digital and static displays options, which are primarily located in the most iconic and high-traffic locations across India, reaching millions of commuters daily.

Everyday while you commute from one place to another, you come across brand advertising on billboards, bus shelters, unipoles, drop downs, on roads, malls, airports, railway stations, bus stops etc. Click photos of these advertisements and submit through the JO App while on the go. All eligible submissions will entitle you for discount coupons which you can accumulate over a period and redeem as you like for your shopping, entertainments, taxies and more.

Send Your Prayers To Franciscans, Using Friars App

This project is good example of real-time activity from both user and admin end. News feed with push notification was the most attractive part from admin side, and live prayer updated from user end. We figure out how to shape it. We designed and developed the apps and the CMS that allows admin to manage them.

Friars is an IOS and android app allows you to post your prayer intention so that Franciscan friars across the country and others pray for your intention. You can also indicate that you are praying for the intentions of other people. The app also allows you to have a candle lit for your intention, or someone else’s intention, in an actual Franciscan church.

Any user can light candle for other user, he just need to pay the amount for candle and admin will get notify that some has requested to light candle. Users can also get all the detailed news of Franciscan church, as admin keep updating with the latest news.

Searching For Locations Now Become Easier With, Recce The World

Recce The World, plays a direct communication between producer/filmmaker and location manager. Producer can request for one or more locations including image and description, it will provide the list of matched location by matching the requested image and description with data base using awesome technology or the location manager can directly bid for the request with his available location.

The process of sign-up is quite simple and Production House admin can also add his team by following some easier steps. There is a User Profile which lets you know all the required information like with whom he has worked with or his recent work etc.

When we started doing this project with sharp aim of delivering it on platform with unique and distinct presence by reducing the user efforts of searching the required location into seconds. Matching the requested images with the database was the most challenging part which we achieved after many sleepless nights.

Car Care Simplified With AutoRounders

When we started working on this project we didn’t want user to limit only APP or WEB so we included both. The creative team kept it easy and user friendly and easy to use, for which technical team supported well and made it instantaneously.

Autorounders is an Android app and web based tool which helps user to do a motor vehicle service & maintenance procedures online. It’s easy to book the service you want as we have kept everything available on the single screen whether, it’s the app or website and user can also call the support team directly for any type of assistance.

It also gives real time update with images as work proceeds and user can even approved or reject for any extra work. User can create his/her profile so that they don’t need to remember his last servicing work done checklist.

Developed & Designed On-Demand Delivery App PROMPTO

While developing  Prompto, we tried to provide all information in one single screen. It is an android app and web based tool where user need to select parcel type, as it work with any type of parcel with maximum weight of 15kg. Select the pick-up & destination address which will give estimated time, distance, price and real-time connection between pick-up point & Destination on Google-Map for confirmation.

Drivers get real time notifications, indicating new job has been arrived. Once the job is accepted by the driver, he’ll keep updating his status of completing the job like accepted, started, reached, picked up and delivered.

Users can track the real time position of parcel moving to destination and can also provide feedback, helping rider to improve Prompto experience.

All the riders are also screened through all the necessary government process including criminal background checks. The riders are reviewed throughout their time while in Prompto.