Finding Better Ways For Cities To Move, Work And Travel? Download RIXA

RIXA,  a smartest way to book a ride. No need to wait for public transport or look for a parking place, just book a RIXA ride anywhere, anytime.

On a click, RIXA comes directly to you and one can pay either in cash or card. With real time navigation, the user can choose pick up and drop location and the drive will take you exactly there.

The app allows users to know exactly how much he/she has travelled with amount. It also keeps everything ready in your profile, whether it is your active ride, Wallet or Notification etc. The users can also have a track of all of their travel history in pocket.

ORBANGO, Natural Fresh Juice Ordering App

We at Prodio discovered, fresh juice ordering app Orbango. It provides refreshing range of fresh fruit juices & shakes, squeezed daily for all juice lovers. Just order online to get it anytime-anywhere.

Placing an order through Orbango is seamless and the user will get in just 45 min. The app makes your occasions more special with new offers and discounts.

The app is user friendly and you need to just tap bottle to know the ingredients with some useful information. The juices and shakes ordered on Orbango are 100% pure and natural with no preservatives and chemical in it.

Re-Designing Queue Management App Sminq

Finally we started with our first app (Sminq) re-designing process, which we were thinking to start-with since couple of days. The purpose behind doing so, is to know or show why products with great features and designs are still not accepted by the market or still they are behind the bars and didn’t got traction so far what was actually expected. There could be end of number reasons like improper design, lack of understanding of user’s pain points, not so well defined user journeys and so on.

Talking about Sminq, the app allows users to book doctor’s appointment at clinic and avoid standing in queues for long or physically be present to hold one’s spot. Once an appointment is booked using Sminq, user can track live status of queue and can accordingly be present at clinic.

Some key features of the app includes,

• Alert Messages: Users get SMS alert about queue status on real time basis, once appointment is booked.
• QPlus Plan – Once subscribe to QPlus, user can book best slots before they get filled and can also get dedicated support via chat and phone call.
• Save Prescription – User can easily take a snapshot of prescription and can share with doctors as and when required.
• Suggest Clinics – Clinics which are not visible under search box of the app that are nearby of user’s locality, users can suggest and Sminq will onboard those clinics for them.

At Prodio with the help of our designing team or stack, we have just re-designed the app what it look like and tried to present in our own way of defining the app.

The Accident of Friendship

I’ll tell you something….these Jacques Derrida ideas sound very hollow to me..

I’m not critiquing you, rather the general superficial environment. My mind is full of radical departures from this naive my mind we’re in a fight to finish civilizational war and these derrida memes are used to just hijack the remaining brains of a great civilization away from their traditional thought processes.
these hijacked ghazal lovers then get busy to strike the final dagger into their own people..
peacetime art has zero appeal to me in times of war
peace time artist is no more to me than street theater begger….
you & many others with potential are just becoming fluff of history by mimicking when you can be great heroes in your native thought proceses
Die Doing Something was the poetic chant of our great fathers as they set out from central asia to spread themselves and their ideas….Buddha and some of his ‘shunyawadi’ ideas just made these lion hearted heroes into sleeping cats
I’m sorry if I come across carping sometimes, but I want you to know i’ve molten fury in me and the moderate has no appeal.
I don’t associate with ‘artists’ because I find them fartists.. but you I’ve to bear by accident of friendship.

When a product is so superior – Travis Law

Many startups pay lip service, false passion, startup fashion, startup culture and a lot of other trash. They sooner or later fail. A true technology led re-imagination of a market HAS to follow The Travis Law.


Prodio Goes FastLane

Every product development needs to be kept on track for effortless delivery of functional value to clients in every defined time frame. For Prodio that time frame is a week. Every week we must move a product forward through a pre-defined set of functional features.

Since, testing if your team delivered functional features cannot be left for last day, we have daily handouts to each team members. These items are delivered by the team in their respective Gerritt branches everyday evening and code merged. This merged code has to be made available to Product Team to test on the subsequent day. This establishes a rapid feedback loop to the programmer.

This would mean everyday programmers need to waste time in creating and sharing APKs. This would also mean product team hassling programmers for APKs for next days testing. We decided to simplify this where programmer’s job ends at his Gerrit commit. The Scrum Master will merge code onto testing if it is worthy of testing and FastLane will deliver the APK onto closed alpha testing group on which client is also present apart from product team.

Now Product team get their testing APKs everyday evening. Nobody waits for anybody.

There’s work and it can not be lessened. What can surely be reduced is the uncertainty and waiting around by defining clear actionables to the team connected through a set of well chosen tools. They act as bots taking one team member’s delivery and passing to other, automating mundane tasks. Cutting the crap, in short.

Vendor Hat vs Product Manager Hat

My business often requires me to think on behalf of my clients. The germ of idea they’ve come up with, is often just that. A germ. It needs growing into an organism that will work, compete, grow and win. And there’s always capital constraint to build the ProductV1.0 of the idea. How do you define the right V1.0.

Many times you’re able to see a V1.0 that’s far larger than what the client thinks would suffice. If you accept client’s version, what sort of product designer are you – cause you’re not really thinking.

And, V1.0 is always in absence of proof from the market. It’s an hypothesis. If the client team is good enough to execute it correctly, then more information on product market fit will emerge during business operations. That will go into redefining the product. And that’s Product V2.0. Prodio has to continue to wear the product manager hat and track the product-market fit data and define ProductV2.0 on client’s behalf and execute this.

The vendor hat, on the contrary is quite limiting. Even if I believe your idea of V1.0 is grossly shallow and won’t take off, its none of my business. You loose your shirt, I gain some and the idea is forgotten. Almost every client we have has come to us after being hit by a vendor hat.