Abstractions of Org Processes

When people come together to work, they organise it into processes. For a good collaboration product, the process creation should be extremely easy, accessible to multiple people and should able to merge based on best process that emerges.

A process has a creator, an owner, a responder, a flow, escalation points, open or close, enforceable or recommendatory, has data points to be collected at various points, each data point has to be collected through UI pattern & UI pattern should intuitively approximate user behaviour in offline world, psychologically.

This whole thing should be representable as a matrix. The matrix when loaded into the engine attaches organisational processes to the communication channel.

Activating bot, starts the monitoring & navigating help process for anybody who enters the product.


Multiple processes at times may have to be merged or made to mirror reference process. This process should be similar to Git. Its a git for organisational processes or data points.