Design Challenge : Financing


                                                           By Jiaygang

Prodio is developing a product that makes it easy for a healthcare provider to structure a treatment plan as a pitch deck, communicate using that as a collateral, track analytics to see prospective patient response, enable ‘booking’ the treatment pretty much like a holiday package, get one shot itinerary of multiple phases and sessions under each phase planned for that procedure and being offered financing & payment options that reflect credit history of the person and yet allow the provider and patient a modularity through product UX that ensure minimum physical negotiation and maximises conversions from prospects to signup.

The specific UX/UI I’m trying to structure around Payment & Financing plan is :

I see payment plans are :
How much to be paid
How many parts
What frequency
Upfront versus on service

The financing plan on the other hand is:

– What is total payment of which which part is coming from where — client+insurance+financing

– What rate and when does it kick in
– how do you configure free interest period
– how the rate changes when your scheduled payment fails
– what penalties are imposed for failing payments
– when does a credit become delinquent settings

all of above should configurable settings.

Now the way i see is when you create a PROPOSAL

– it’ll be selection of a client
Treatment plan
associated payment plan
financing plan

That means there’ll be payment plan pre-configs — you could have 3 pre-configs created with different options set so when you are created a proposal the selection of pre-config payment plan automatically works our payment schedule and starts sending reminders etc accordingly.

Something along similar lines for financial pre-config that reflects the credit rating of the person.

THE ABOVE MODULARITY would be able to produce infinite combinations for the clinic so that if they don’t want to loose a prospect the will alter the terms or create another set of pre-configs based on experience knowing a category of patients.

Getting this right will enhance modularity and flexibility tremendously.

Keeping already developed UX/UI in mind, please provide the UX/UI for this portion.

*Modularity of financing and payment options and it’s consequences on rest of the product is an emphasis area