Upon Axiomatic Thinking

As we walked in semi lit lanes of our tree covered area in this winter evening, the pleasure of clients turning friends started peeling layers upon layers.

The man is at the starting point of many bayesian forked forest of his entrepreneurial journey and pondering on some deep questions. The choices he makes will be a revelation of his character under formation, but which will leave closed the alternate paths not taken. He needs a friend to navigate.

Men who have travelled ahead, each offer him their preferences. Those in turn revealing their character.

But my advice is:

You must at any points carry your own certain Axiomatic Truths to navigate these decision trees. These may be few. But often having just one , renders rest of the carefully arranged thinking superfluous . A decision is often derived from the axiom you hold dear.

I offered him three of mine:

  1. A successful product is a densely packed bundle of logical value proposition for a user. Mixing value propositions of other stake holders may kill it.
  2. Any product must aim for monopolisation of its ecosystem by relentless market fit feedback to product development roadmap
  3. The capital that comes with no terms and no horizon surrenders it’s entire optionality to the product, leading to best environment for axiom 1 being fulfilled in a startups life. So that capital is good for product

Source: www.medium.com