Ideas that have influenced me

Over time one gets clearer and deeper about choices one makes in professional life (and personal too). Last couple of years the going has been good and when I see myself doing well, I just wanted to understand what the hell was wrong with me a few years back — so much muddle?

From that emerged a need to look at my professional development as evolution of a bundle of ideas that shaped me and my thinking , the choices that I’ve made banking on them (or ignoring them and suffering for it) and provides now an amorphous framework of looking at decisions and designing products.

I’m taking a very close look at these to evolve a personal decision making framework — small to vast.

  • Startup = Growth
  • Strategy — Bruce Henderson
  • Network Externality
  • Game Theory
  • Polymorphism
  • Situational Awareness
  • Tipping Point
  • Sthitapragyata — Stoicism
  • Memetic Immunity or Vulnerability
  • Design Thinking
  • Not being stupid is smart enough
  • Seeing hidden options in everything
  • There is a Zen to poker (trading)
  • The invisible chess board
  • The maths of compounding
  • Designing for continuity
  • Beta players can make alpha teams
  • Extended phenotype
  • Samkhya Philosophy
  • 10X
  • The silence between musical notes, the pauses between words is a form of speech
  • Be alert to arrival of luck (bad luck) — from charlie munger
  • Theory of forms
  • Hollomorphic Singularity or whatever this is called — a point where many ideas, contexts and life experiences apart from inner states and accidents of memory and imagination converge to align and uncover a unique perception — inaccessible otherwise.

Bolotowsky — whose art i find representative of many ideas overlapping to produce a view.