A Crubside A Day Helps You Work, Rest and Play.
What It Is?
Curbside is an IOS based app which helps user to save time & energy to remove household Waste,just by requesting hauler to come and pickup waste bags.

Provide Address- Provide Number of Bags-Request Hauler !
Payment Method
user can get his pay amount before requesting for hauler, just by providing the number of bag in the same screen.

Once request accepted, payable amount is deducted from user’s curbside wallet and hauler is assign.
Admin's Dashboard
We have made the dashboard is such manner that it is easy for admin to understand with all information in one screen.Once a request has arrived the admin can assign the nearest hauler to user.
Job Done
No worries! if you are not available at home, hauler will collect the bags from your pick-up point and you will receive a job done Message in your phone.

User can also chat with Curbside team for any help.
What we did?
For making this IOS app called as “Curbside” we hardly took few months with highly enthusiastic and technically skilled team.

Keeping it More user friendly and easy to use was our motto.

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