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Recce The World

Recce The World had a successful web presence, which they were eager to bring to mobile. This meant pushing the limits of the current iOS UI, while also retaining the brand's unique personality.

“Prodio sees tech not as support but as strategy. They reach straight to the heart of biz problem.”
Rupinder Singh Arora, MD, RAP Media Ltd.


EasyRydes wants to change the way people travel short distances in smaller towns of India. The product also provides business opportunities to small entrepreneurs across India.

“I’m happy to see a level of engagement and original ideas Prodio team brings in business & digital strategy.”
Kamal Ozha, CMO, Orbango Juice


Transporto is a fresh way of looking Indian commercial transport business. Intercity, intracity & part load market addressed by realigning the incentives and redistributing the risk to ensure transactions happen online.

“Aligning the business strategy to product, product to customer psychology & validating one thesis at a time in each rollout was a great way of looking at things.”
Zoeb Rajkotwala, ceo, Prompto


Orbango came as iOS app requirement, we turned it into 12 channel customer response JuiceBot. Still under development, anybody can ping the Orbango JuiceBot from diverse channels like iOS app, android app, WhatsApp, Twitter, FB, or web channels like Zomato

“While our product is still under development, the collaboration itself has scaled the idea multiple levels.”
Karan Butani, Film Director & Movie Maker


Playing in custom sports betting competitions with your friends has never been easier. We have up-to-the-minute odds on all major US sports, and our live scores let you track all your action as the games unfold. Best of all, the app and our contests are always FREE! So what have you got to lose?

“Great design. Great turn-around. Great results.”
Aasin Maurya, CEO, Deltas Pharma


Join our virtual Franciscan prayer group. Send your prayer needs to the Franciscans, prayer for others' intentions and even light a real candle in a Franciscan church! This free app allows you to submit a prayer to the Franciscans and others who use the app so that they might pray for your intention.

“Great design. Great turn-around. Great results.”
Aasin Maurya, CEO, Deltas Pharma


DealCurry brings together so much intelligence that dealmakers want on what's happening the deal space and why. More important, it changes dry information into Business Intelligence 2.0 standards. In it's approach to data automation, it represents the best in Indian products seen so far.

“Prodio makes products delightful. It’s really that simple.”
Vineet Suchanti, Director, Keynote Corporate


A first of a kind design lead jeweller with complete design development on Rhino and AR experience video created for customer to know exact price and jewel quality before the making ever begins. Beats the high cost inventory game played by most in this business.

“I needed to reinvent my business, I went to Prodio and it delivered”
Vinjod Khajanchi, Owner, Aadya Lifestyle



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