The Hottest Social Destination That'll Keep You Entertained All Day.
MTV India
MTV India gives you the hottest buzz from the entertainment world that'll keep you hooked. Be the first to catch the latest MTV shows, music, artists and more. If it's breaking the internet, it's on MTV.
MTV Labs
If you're a musician, filmmaker or if you've got other talent, sign up now to submit your creation to this digital lab and showcase your talent to the whole world.
Pepsi MTV Indies
Discover new and exciting music on the world's largest Indie stage. Experience art and alternative culture like never before with the best Indian artists.
Pepsi Unbox
PepsiUnbox is back in an all new avatar with solr the best search engine and this time hand picking one band every month. The chosen band gets a drool-worthy music video shot exclusively by pepsiunbox.

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