Tap the app, send the parcel
Prompto is the smartest way to send or pick -up a parcel anytime anywhere. One Tap and the driver comes directly to pick- up point.Driver knows exactly where to go. And you can pay after delivery.
How it Work
Prompto is an android app and web based tool where User need to select parcel type, as we work with any type of parcel with maximum weight of 15kg. select the pick-up & Destination address which will give estimated time, distance, price and real-time connection between pick-up point & Destination on Google-Map for Confirmation.
The best suited prompto driver will accept your job.
He’ll pick-up your parcel and starts moving to destination.
also cordinates with drop point for best delivery.
Safe Pick Ups
Prompto automatically pin points your location to provide true door to door service. That means stay safe and comfortable wherever until rider arrives. That means strict safety standards and providing end-end insurance coverage.
Job Notification.
All online drivers will get one minute real-time notification indicating new job has been arrived with all the details on his screen which he can accept or reject.
Once he accepted the job, he’ll keep updating his status of completing the job like

While Creating Dashboard we tryied giving admin all information in one screen
All Riders-Online Riders and Offline Riders
Latest Campaign
All Customers
All jobs
Trace Rider
As soon as rider pick up the paercel,user can track the real time position of parcel moving to destination
From the moment you request a pick-up to the moment it arrives, prompto has been designed ground up with safety in mind
Rider Checks
All the riders are screened through all the necessary government process including criminal background checks. The riders are reviewed throughout their time while in Prompto.
After every delivery, user rate the rider and provide feedback & comments always remain anonymous to the rider. the feedback helps riders to improve prompto experience

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