rixa app
Evolving better ways for cities to move, work, and Travel.
Click - A - Rick
RIXA is a smartest way to book a ride. One click and Rixa comes directly to you. And you can pay either cash or card.
A city with RIXA has more economic opportunities for residents, fewer drunk drivers on the streets, and better access to transportation for those without it
Ready anytime anywherer
Daily commute,Early mornning flight.Late night drink. Errand across town. just click-A-Rick choose your pick up and drop address and your driver will take you exactly their
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Pay only as per bill.
Rixa lets you know exactly how much you have traveled with amount.
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For the Good of all
RIXA keeps everything ready in your profile, weather it is your active ride,Wallet or Notification etc.
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Remember your travel history ?
You have all you previous ride details in your pocket. Just a Tab and you'll get all you need.
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