VerifyMe is an identity & reputation management platform providing verification, and access management services to individuals and organizations, impacting decisions relating to transactions, employment, access & security. Powered by AADHAAR and with the help of facial recognition technology we help you, find the Known in the UNKNOWN!

Instant Identity Verification

  • AADHAAR based identity verification within seconds
  • Mobile OTP or BIO-METRIC based verification procedure
  • Ideal for Pre-employment screening , access management at your premises or any verification prior to transacting with a stranger
  • Aadhaar Verification (e-Kyc) Report confirms the name, image, DOB, Address of the identity within seconds.

Background Checks

You can now request for background checks and verifications from home within clicks.

Plug & Play

The Application can work on any Andriod device (Phone or tablet installed at the entrance and exit.) Web based digital logs that can be viewed in REAL TIME on your PC.

How It Works?

User can instantly verify the identity through VerifyMe, by connecting a bio-metric device or using mobile based OTP if the identity has a Aadhaar registered mobile number. User can also use facial recognition tools for full-proof identification, enabling secure and seamless entry of visitors and residents into your premises.

Social Networking

User can join social network to ask for references before hiring and can get valuable feedback & references from past employers.

Create a Verified Profile

Verify yourself. Seek testimonials & references from past employers. Build credibility and reputation!

Create Your Own Community Network

You can create your own community network for access management, identity verification, references with all fine grained control.

Create Community

Create Communities for your home/office, building or event. Add employees, participants, guests to respective pages for managing verifications & access control.

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