Workweek Wellness
Life in Balance
What It Is?
We make it easy to implement a turn-key wellness program that enhances your lifestyle and improve your fitness regardless of fitness level or goal.
Our daily, weekly & monthly task help you stay fit, healthy and focused. Check your digital fitness meter and motivate yourself .
As the user complete the task of any section and mark it as completed then this bars will increase the percentage success of that section for individual user.
How it works
We update the task on daily, weekly & monthly basis with image, video and description.
Task are made to increase Mind-Body wellness User need to complete the task and mark it as completed.
Daily Objective
This will get update on daily basis with some easy and highly motivated tasks and objectives.
User can mark it as completed after he’s done. this will Also improve the points in wellness Objective
Movement library
This section will get update in every week, admin can upload videos so that it will be easier for user to watch and perform.
Movement is more one of the most important part for wellness as helps user to stretch his body and burn extra calories.
The workout section will get update every two week with new workout videos which helps user to burn fat and get in shape.

As everyone knows workout is the main source to burn fat which help user to get in shape.
Wellness objective
Here the main objective of the task is executed, task is uploaded every month.
User needs to complete this task most importantly to achieve wellness objective of the month.
While making this project we tried reducing admin efforts. He can add the task details which will be visible to all users.

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