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Learning From A Hip-Hop Studio

Kaushal Trivedi

I like watching documentaries. About little obscure trends that eventually go on to become big. And I’ve been watching one such on Hip-Hop evolution on NetFlix.

One conclusion that leaps out of it is — men with drive, individuality and edginess reshaped the music on the street. It takes a lot of guts to stand in front of a crowd doing free styling. The men take so much pride on what they create, constantly working to perfect their craft, alive to their context, living, kicking and striving.

It is a pleasure to see a man alive on life. He moves with confidence, he works with focus and the story that he tells of his day’s toil — what he strived to create and why it worked or didn’t, and has a hope for tomorrow to come and rebuild where he left off today.

This is a different picture to the opposite man — a crushed, defeated , unformed hired hand coming to his daily labour to register his presence and get his dole.

Writting code is a creative expression of a product designer’s thought. It needs creativity. It needs thought. Amongst the many other things it needs, the most important that it does is Being Alive.

Dead men write no good code.
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Story published on September 8, 2019

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