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Steering A Wolf Line

Kaushal Trivedi

It’s been some time since I wrote this blog “Contours Of An Alpha Team”. When I read back, surprisingly little has changed in my mind about it.

But, there are a few further clearer ideas that have emerged. There are a certain first principles to building the culture of the organisation. And the decision making is always algorithmic, no matter what the short term costs seem like. Because the team is watching you.

Here are some first principles we operate by:
  1. Fairness — from compensation structure to how work, leaves or raises are organised , must leave no doubt in any mind that any decision is out of line with established and perceived meritocracy structure of the team

  2. Role Driven — you take the pressure of your role, and you should not have to worry about issues not originating from your role.
  3. Seriousness — there are varying degrees of seriousness an organisation’s culture breeds and we aspire to be highly serious when at work. That means No Campus Culture.

  4. Language — a workplace has a common jargon associated with how it works, and it’s important to speak in that jargon.

  5. Agency — each individual should rank high in agency, a willingness to take charge by stepping up personally.

  6. Engineering Mindset — ability to think of work in engineering terms

  7. Learnability — how do you learn? The way you learn has important bearing on what you become in the future.

  8. Well Thought — great things need careful thought.
The more I think about some of the little issues that bug us, the more I conclude that we’re what we do. And what we do is at variance with what we wish to do as listed above. And there are some sources of those variances that need to be understood and eliminated. Unless that is done, we’ll continue to tumble along.

I’ve just ordered Ben Horowitz’s What You Do Is Who You Are : How to Create Your Business Culture

I’m hoping to learn more from that.
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Story published on December 19, 2019

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