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Design Challenge- Separating A Product & It’s Sales Funnel

Kaushal Trivedi

Home » Blogs » Design Challenges » Design Challenge- Separating A Product & It’s Sales Funnel

Design Challenge — Separating A Product & It’s Sales Funnel

In April 2019 a client of mine with an earlier product came to me to discuss a new startup idea he was working on. Mumbai has a dense population and teachers organise various activity classes for kids in their spare time. It’s an organised but pretty large niche. He wanted to address that. Early on it was clear our customer was the teacher ,and the value was ‘making teacher’s busy life easy’.

So the product was a SaaS product that helps teacher organise her class and sort out her interrupt driven life.

But it’s also a community product with the usual chicken-egg issue which was solved by my client by very actively and aggressively creating a mother-teacher community on Facebook and migrating them on to the product platform when it was ready. The migration went well, more than a 2000 teachers arrived on Playydate.in . Transactions started happening and numbers started to earn Ramen Revenue.

Since the product has virality built in with each teacher bringing her students , the next phase was to 10X the number of teachers.

How to get 10X teachers to come up and get onboard the playydate platform?

Answer was very simple — make ourselves come up on Google a lot and paid marketing.

Now so far , the user facing website was an outcome of the actual in depth product made to make the teacher’s life a breeze. Now the proposition was to convert the user facing website into a massive sales funnel and get organic teacher/mother stampede — unpaid and paid. Any agency hired to do this will have a hygiene check like of SEO/Digital marketing to-dos. And that gets the question —

To build those with code and convert a portion of the product into CMS

Or to separate the ‘publication’ portion of the website into a separate off-the-shelf publication CMS and use thousands of easily available plugins to experiment with any amount of pages, landpages, CTAs, keywords, tags, links , url structures, sitemaps, search optimisations and have a live and kicking always active publication CMS that acts as a massive sales funnel completely separated from the underlying product.

To build CMS features into product/ custom coded website was a suicide since the turnaround time will never match the frequent and constant needs of marketing campaigns. Also, mixing relatively stable and long term product platform of paid users with constantly changing code for the marketeer brings code instability. This approach leads to sure failure of marketeer.

To separate the CMS into a wordpress publication requires syncing a set of data across two different systems — the publication sales funnel and the product. Here marketeer gets flexibility to experiment and is completely cut-off from the underlying product platform which syncs data across the two and keeps it consistent.

Recommendation has been made, the decision is yet open.
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Story published on September 3, 2020

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