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Design Challenge — Solving For Payments Received

Rahul Prasad

Home » Blogs » Design Challenges » Design Challenge — Solving For Payments Received

Design Challenge — Solving For Payments Received

Designed a UI that reflects the payment made by Affiliate Groups/Members to the Organisation. The 1st table lists the names of Affiliates( of the respective month ) admin has to collect the payments from. Once selected any of the affiliates, the table displays the list of members who are only associated with the selected affiliate.

There can be 2 types of affiliates

First, where the organization collects Membership fee from the members directly and the affiliate gets its commission from the organization

Second, where the affiliate collects the fee from the members, keeps their commission and pays the rest to the organization

Persona :

“Rakesh is an Admin of the Organisation who keeps the record of all the transactions made by Affiliate Groups/Members”

Design challenge :

Once an ‘Affiliate Pay’ affiliate is selected, Rakesh finds the data shown in the table very confusing since there is no individual transaction that has been made in case of the affiliate pay. The challenge here is to create a UI that does not break the consistency of the design and reflects appropriate data to reduce the confusion for the Admin.

Proposition :

1: This proposition shows the data that reflects transaction details of the affiliate pay (as a dropdown) and not for an individual member since no individual transaction is made by the members to the Organization in this case.


Reduces the confusion by keeping the table columns empty(which are not needed for now) than removing it
Shows the details of the transaction made by the affiliate to the organization


Made the UI more complex by adding a new component which might not be of much use to the admin because the main goal here is to see ‘the list of affiliates the Organization needs to collect payments from’


Pros:Provides the list of the affiliates in a simple table form with necessary data points.

While selecting the affiliate, only shows the relevant data and keeps the rest field empty.

Cons: Does not show the transaction details made by the affiliate.

Solution accepted:

Proposition 2


The second proposition keeps up with the simple table consistency with no unnecessary actions to be performed within the table. Hence, keeps the design simple and easy to access for the admin, which is not the case with the first proposition, and hence 2 is chosen over 1.

In case the admin wants the see transaction record of an individual affiliate, he can be redirected to the Affiliates profile by clicking on the affiliate’s name where he can see the recent transactions in the form of a table with all other details.
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Story published on July 31, 2020

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