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Products Designed To Stop

Kaushal Trivedi

What it means for each of our products if they are designed to pause/stop? That means users are expected to have a shelf life and can be archived, their data can be deleted. That means user journeys can be changed and stopped. That means subscription plans can be stopped. Credit card payments can be stopped.

It means cloud infrastructure on which the product is hosted can be stopped.

That means a possibility of client stopping working with us. Where are the end points in the product infrastructure that are intricately connected with us? What will happen then to the product?

What about the people who built those products? They may stop working with us. Are our systems designed to work when somebody stops working with us? If all the people who worked on that project stop working with us?

What are the steps when we decide to stop the business? What does it mean to clients, code , employees, regulatory compliances..

Is my life designed to stop?

What about Pause. How does pause work. What would it mean to pause a product, user, feature, user journey, codebase, server environment, api end points. Products should be designed for pausing too.

And so does everything else. The problem of living life is mind boggling unless you don’t mind loose ends dangling everywhere.
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Story published on April 7, 2020

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