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TradeWizer V2.0

Kaushal Trivedi

Earlier I spoke about TradeWizer V1.0 here , the came the ill-fated V2.0.

Pawan and me were tinkering , one hand with all the good apis Zerodha provided and what we could, other wondering how exactly we’ll implement our core intuition:

Most trading wisdom is useless for newbies because nothing intervenes when they are about to DO the trade. Something needs to be built to save the trader from himself. A coder and a trader are essentially doing same job — the coder debugs his code logically and with dev tools to get his results that speak. The trader ought to do the same, but he ain’t got no tools beyond ‘peeping’ into the future — graphs, charts, technical analysis , greeks.Everything’s future, nothing about his own core process of trading.

While we starting designing an interveneing interface that nudges based on a wisdom setting we’ve ticked, the architecture starting getting too complicated. I had ‘divined’ that we needed a magical UI and Pawan being himself went so deep into that rabbit hole and never came out. When he often did, it was from the wrong end and dived right back in.

Meanwhile I raked below selling options.

Numbers were good. And being an old hand I was still struggling with the answer to:

‘who is going to be our customer, how are we going to distribute and for how much to make it worthwhile’

At some point the numbers of options algo started tilting against the idea of building the whole product when the answer to distribution wasn’t clear. And we started trading larger and larger in option untill fucking february arrived with the Corona gift.

Story is simple after that — got blindsided, then one sided market with no offers in the stock options I’d sold and margin calls. Faced that black swan, realised we were swimming naked and stopped trading completely.

That is the story of TradeWizer V2.0.

As I write this , it’s been 6 months of lockdown. The idea has hibernated within me , shown itself to me in various forms and tempted me but I’ve resisted so far. Recently however there is a break through and it’s time to get back to drawing board. A viable strategy has emerged.

And that is going to be TradeWizer V3.0 soon
TradeWizer V2.0 was originally published in Prodio DesignWorks on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Story published on September 3, 2020

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