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Orbango — Fresh Fruit Juice On Demand

Rucha Wele

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Orbango — Fresh Fruit Juice On Demand


Design Challenge

People need fresh fruit juice. Making fresh juice is difficult. Getting good fruits, can’t get just enough for one glass you need, managing great taste and time and effort to top. The option of packaged fruit juices with preservatives is an unacceptable choice. Can people be offered a great set of fruit juices and milkshakes made freshly, on-demand, at home once or subscription, so seamlessly they just fall in love with it?  

Type of Client: StartUp

Industry : Food and Beverage    


By 2016, the culture of food apps and small ticket deliveries through hyper-local startups had established the grid that facilitated Cloud Kitchens. Juicing is essentially a cloud kitchen activity. Centralised and bulk purchase of quality fruits and cold processing in small space and miniature packaging machines means — order-make-package-hyperlocal-deliver grid was ready. The time for this idea had arrived.    


Building a cheerful brand & ordering UX that becomes a habit

Juice is a choice, but the juice is also a habit. With a right and light UX and seasonal variations apart a defined limited product offering that caters the spectrum from health to taste, the value was clear. It was important to build consistency — don’t show where you’re not available, show only those products that are available, if they order you ensure delivery, if they repeat, you don’t goof. Digital Payments — nobody wants to commit a credit card for small-ticket juice purchases and we need a commitment that comes with pre-paid purchase & subscription. We decided to integrate Paytm. Geofencing — we built systems to geo-fence order entries from around our delivery hubs to ensure we show up only where we deliver.    

What we did:
  • User Research
  • Product Strategy
  • UX/UI design
  • Development
  • Scaling & Maintenance
Project Details
  • WordPress
  • NodeJS
  • React + Redux
  • Native React
  • MongoDB
  • AWS API Gateway/Lambda
  • Google Integrations


Prodio had a clear approach based on four key pieces of strategy identified. Our design team gave a great web and app UX/UI with simplicity, that made the ordering process seamless fun. We created a dashboard for a service provider to create geo-fenced locations from within which orders can originate, and limited this in app. We also decided to provide a simple dashboard to pickup locations where the pickup boys can authenticate themselves and pick up. We let the customer know each stage of delivery by updating the status tracker. For periodic packaging, referrals, and subscriptions a very simple and intuitive UI leads to great stickiness.  


Orbango, a juice that shook and stirred a lot of interest

Orbango packaging went on to win international awards for packaging. The juice brand began to rise steadily through word of mouth and quality of the underlying product. The hub and central warehousing dashboard relaying orders, statuses, and accounts in the real-time lead to a very lean team managing substantial volume with zero customer escalations. Orbango went on to become one of the first single product category D2C F&B products with traction until they got acquired by a large F&B chain.

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Story published on September 9, 2020

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