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Design an app that delights users

Design an iOS app that users will like. Design an Android app that makes people love the Google Play Store. We're a product design team specialized in mobile app design for SaaS.

Create a mobile app design that lives up to user expectations

Smartphone users expect products to be extremely easy to use and eye-catching at the same time. In the mobile app design, we combine modern design aesthetics with familiar platform conventions.

If your product lives on many platforms, we make sure a user doesn’t feel any difference moving from one device to another.

Easy to use

We are the advocates of design minimalism. It’s not the number of features that we’re concerned with, it’s their value. We remove unnecessary clutter in favor of meaningful content, nifty micro-interactions, readable fonts, smooth workflows, and flexible layouts.

Familiar but unique

In the mobile app design, we need to follow iOS and Android platform conventions. But having a distinctive brand is also important for your business. The apps we design have familiar UI but include patterns that reflect your brand and are specific to your product.

Consistent across platforms

Digital products today are available across various platforms. Building a frictionless user experience everywhere while keeping brand consistency is a big challenge for designers. We have a knack for creating consistent style and layout across all the platforms.

We design mobile SaaS products around user needs

We’re product designers with strong expertise in SaaS application design. We integrate with your in-house team and help you create a product from start to finish.

Understand the product and its audience

Mobile app design works when the team behind it understands your users and your product strategy. We’ll run interviews with stakeholders and users and do competitive research.

Our findings turn into customer journey maps, user flows, and wireframes and then into a nice prototype that you can click on and show to everybody.

Hook users and keep them coming back

Our goal is to make sure your product can acquire new users and retain them. We pay great attention to user onboarding, push notifications, and habit forming UX design. By and large, user feedback informs our decisions.

To get it, we design interactive prototypes. They let you check if your app is what the world wants before you invest in development.

Refine each version of your product

Product design is a cyclic process that we go through in the form of iterations. We are constantly doing research, prototyping, testing, analyzing and refining each successive version of your product.

We collaborate with your developers and product managers bringing our expertise in all stages of the product lifecycle.

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