UI/UX design services

Design great product experiences that reflect your strategy, on web & mobile

We help SaaS companies overcome product design challenges.

A good design transforms complexity into simplest possible expression

Jenga game

SaaS products are often complex systems but the user must be presented with a simple product. And that takes hardwork.

Remember the user interface in Slack or Dropbox?

Even a child can understand it, it’s that easy. Yet both Slack and Dropbox are complicated systems that include multiple design layers and complicated user flows.

Our solution

Your product market fit and product cycles may be tight, but our team brings design thinking to the requirements to build simple, intuitive and cohesive product experience that win users.

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Design for experience, and you will get more engaged customers

User experience design is about empathy with the user and giving him what he needs, simply.

Don’t build products that nobody needs by just solutioning the How. The User is at the center of design and taking care of his Why/What builds great products.

Our solution

We put user needs at the center of our efforts focusing on designing usable, delightful, efficient, and fun experiences. From user onboarding to feedback and review, our product design reflect integrity and cognitive seamlessness.

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You're behind schedule because designers don't work with devs

Designing and making one thing, the Designers and Developers should always work together, but often they don’t.

Here is what usually happens:

a designer throws a figma file over the fence to developers. When developers come back with test cases and user journeys, the designer is busy with something else, so either test cases remain unaddressed or delay the product.

Our solution

Prodio has evolved a workflow over years of building 30 products that aligns designers and developers right down to making them sit on a common table. Our Designers test design against test cases written by developers and ensure consistency in single iteration.

Design system lowers the cost of change for a product built to scale

At different stages of your SaaS, you might work with different designers. Most likely, they will introduce inconsistencies to your product.

Just like DevOps to build consistent codes, we also implement Design Systems to build consistent design independent of individuals and responsive to quick changes.

Our solution

With a design system in place, we will design your product quickly and efficiently. We help companies establish Design Systems, so you could scale to multiple platforms maintaining brand consistency and keeping costs down.

We also design SaaS websites that acquire customers.

Our UI/UX design process at a glance

Design is non-linear and iterative. Each iteration produces a deeper insight into the user, and brings out better solutions untill design cannot be improved.

UX research


To design a great app we need to understand who your users are,in what context they will use your product, and what needs they will be looking to meet. This is what we will be doing during the research phase.

UX strategy


Think of a UX strategy as a plan that details how the design will work. To visualize our UX strategy, we create wireframes. They align your product vision with user needs and the product’s technical capabilities.

01 Customer journey map

The customer journey map outlines multiple points between a user and a product on a customer’s journey that need to be designed.

02 User flows

User flows are diagrams that display the path a user takes when using your product from an entry point through to the final interaction.

03 Wireframes

A wireframe is a page layout. It gives you a clear idea of the elements on each page and the connections between these elements.

User interview


We conduct user interviews from sample base during concept development to bring real life into our design. These are conducted through a mix of google forms, video calls and controlled experiements.

Visual research


The purpose of visual research is to inform UI design. To shape UI design we look at your competition, design styles in your country and across your entire industry, and collect all this creative information into a moodboard.

01 Competitor analysis

It is good to understand competing products and find their strengths and weaknesses that are addressed in our solution.

02 Moodboard

Moodboard is a composition of images, photos, fonts, and graphics that form a style for your project.

Visual direction


We design every element on the user interface – icons, buttons, typography, color schemes – to create an intuitive experience for your users. The look and feel of the product and its interactivity will be focused on increasing user engagement.

The apps we designed receive positive user feedback

Check out our case studies to learn more about the work we’ve done.

Our UI/UX design process at a glance

Our design process doesn’t play out in a linear order.It looks more like a Window’s disk fragmentation diagram.We twist and turn through the design process, looping back and repeating at least one or more tasks in our work process.

Desktop app design

No matter how technically complex your SaaS app is, we will make it simple. We follow modern design aesthetics and produce dynamic, flexible and extendable features that enable your product to grow.

Mobile app design

Users of iOS and Android are accustomed to a specific experience on their platform. To make their experience comfortable we design mobile apps in accordance with iOS or Android conventions.